Useful Soils / Compost References and Links

Useful Soils / Compost References and Links

Useful Soils / Compost References

The following is a list of useful references provided as background and preparation for the 2021 Healthy Soils & Productive Groves field days.

Soils and soil moisture:

Interpreting soil and leaf analysis test reports:

Compost and composting:

General references on olive growing:


Links to presentations:

AOA 2019 Annual Conference presentation:

Carbon is the backbone of soils. Almost every physical, biological and chemical function of soils revolves around soil carbon. John outlines how carbon is involved in practical outcomes on farms, concentrating on its role in soil water. Increasing the ability of soils to absorb, store and release water to plants is crucial in a time of increasing drought and water prices. Managing soil carbon is the key to unlocking soil water potential.

AOA 2020 Virtual Conference presentations:

Click on the links below to access the conference session recordings. You can choose to watch the session in full or per presentation. Viewing the full session will provide access to the Q&As, which in itself is invaluable content.

Passwords are required to access the videos. You should have received an email with the relevant passwords recently if you had registered to attend the Virtual Conference. If not, please email

  • Soil management, presented by John Barton and Andy Gulliver

Dynamic presentations to assist delegates in understanding soil biology and improve soil health. Topics include composting, soil carbon, the soil biome, and how to harness them in your grove to better manage tree nutrition, available water, and tree health to improve grove productivity.


  • Grove management, presented by Professor Andrew Robson, Alex Schultz, Craig Shepard, Joel McKechnie, Dr Luz Angelica Suarez, Dr James Brinkhoff, Professor Kerry Walsh and Jon Lockwood.

Focusing on the new technologies providing improvements and efficiencies in groves and farms across the world, from automated weather stations and water management to harvest timing via infrared technology.

For more information and to access the applications and maps:

AOA 2021 grove management video presentations

  • Andrew Taylor: (Pendleton Estate) Principles of Canopy Management
  • Tree Pruning Video (7.5 mins):
  • Jon Lockwood & Tass Peters (OneTemp) with Mel Hollock at Nangkita Grove
  • Weather Stations, Remote Sensing and Automation Video – Nangkita Grove / Peninsula Providore, SA (14 min)

Peter Wadewitz (Peats Soils)

  • Making Compost Video (7 min)