Labelling Information

Updated 26/8/2020

The AOA has revised its previous Labelling Guidelines to incorporate requirements of Australian Consumer Law (ACL) as set out in Schedule 2 of the Competition and Consumer Act 2010, The Australian Standard for olive oil and olive pomace oils (AS 5264-2011), the Voluntary Standard for Table Olives In Australia (RIRDC 2012 / Updated January 2020), Country of Origin Labelling Regulations which became mandatory in July 2018, and the Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ) – Food Standards Code

The future of the Australian Olive Industry is underpinned by our producers’ commitment to product quality and truth in labelling.

The following documents will assist olive producers and marketers in complying with government regulations and industry labelling requirements:

·         AOA Labelling Guide for EVOO – August 2020

·         AOA Labelling Guide for Flavoured Olive Oil – August 2020 

·         AOA Labelling Guide for Table Olives  – Updated September 2020

·         The Australian Standard for Olive oils and olive-pomace oils AS 5264-2011

·         The Voluntary Standard for Table Olives in Australia (RIRDC 2012 – Revised January 2020) 

·         Getting Your Claims Right – A Guide (February 2018) 

·         Country of origin food labels (updated July 2020)

Disclaimer: The Australian Olive Association Ltd (AOA) make no representations and expressly disclaim all warranties (to the extent permitted by law) about the accuracy, completeness, or currency of information in these Labelling Guides.

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