The following texts and monographs are currently available to assist table olive producers to implement Good Agricultural Practice (GAP) and Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP), including:

– The RIRDC report ‘Establishing Protocols and Guidelines for Table Olives processing in Australia, and a companion manual – ‘Producing Table Olives’, by Professor Stan Kailis and David Harris provides Australian olive growers and processors with internationally based guidelines for ensuring the quality and safety of processed table olives.  Producing Table Olives 2007

– A monograph prepared by Jim Smyth and published by Olives SA in 2007, titled ‘Food Safety Requirements for Table Olives and Infused Olive Oil.

– A table olive production manual for small and large scale table olive producers – Table Olive Production Manual by James Smyth, published by RIRDC in October 2012 and updated by Stan Kailis in October 2020