About Us

The Australian Olive Association (AOA), formed in 1995, is the national peak industry body representing Australian Olive Growers. The AOA has an experienced Board of Directors consisting of small, medium and large growers along with other Directors coopted for their relevant experience and expertise. The AOA is funded by membership and occasional Government Grants.

AOA’s mission is foster the development of the olive industry in Australia. The key activities undertaken to support this mission are: advocacy and representation, industry risk and crisis management, research and development project management, industry communication, product quality assurance and surveillance, consumer education and awareness, product competitions, conference and exhibition management.

The AOA is responsible for setting and maintaining quality standards for Australian products which is achieved by growers joining the Australian Code of Practice (COP), which complies with the Australian Standards for Olive Oil and Olive Pomace Oils (AS5264-2011), and the Voluntary Industry Standard for Table Olives in Australia (RIRDC 12-111).

Look for these symbols to ensure you are buying the real deal;

Australian Extra Virgin Olive Oil


Other Australian Olive Oil Styles


Australian Certified Table Olives

Other Australian Olive Products

The AOA implements an ongoing consumer awareness and education (CAE) programme to promote the benefits of Australian EVOO and Australian Table Olives to consumers. This CAE programme is funded via industry contributions to specific campaigns. There is a CAE committee that meet regularly to discuss strategy and budgets.

Each October, the AOA holds the National Olive Industry Conference and Trade Exhibition which brings together national and international experts to discuss the latest in technology and research. The industry also gathers at this time to celebrate the season’s success at our Gala Awards Presentation Dinner.

The AOA ensures that useful and relevant R&D is undertaken on behalf of the industry to ensure that it remains viable and sustainable. In 2011 Australian Olive Growers voted in support of a national RD&E levy. The Levy came into effect in 2013.

Company Details

PO Box 3012
Mobile: 0478 606 145
Email: secretariat@australianolives.com.au
ABN: 57 072 977 489

Executive Contacts

President / Chairman

President / Chairman

Michael Thomsett
P: 0427 373 111
E: president@australianolives.com.au
Chief Executive Officer / OliveCare Administrator

Chief Executive Officer / OliveCare Administrator

Michael Southan
P: 0476 760 160
E: ceo@australianolives.com.au
Administration Manager

Administration Manager

Elizabeth (Liz) Bouzoudis
P: 0478 606 145
E: secretariat@australianolives.com.au


Vice President / Large Enterprise Group (LEG) Director

Vice President / Large Enterprise Group (LEG) Director

Andrew Burgess
P: 0409 550 308
E: a.burgess@boundarybend.com
Large Enterprise Group (LEG) Director

Large Enterprise Group (LEG) Director

Lisa Rowntree
P: 08 8573 6545
E: lisa@longridgeolives.com.au
Large Enterprise Group (LEG) Director

Large Enterprise Group (LEG) Director

Paul Miller
P: 0412 854 974
E: HORTEMPM@bigpond.com
Western Australia Director

Western Australia Director

Mick Ryan
P: 0419 907 701
E: mick@prestonvalleygrove.com.au
Victorian Director

Victorian Director

Tina Knight
P: 0400 667 368
E: russell.knight4@bigpond.com 
Queensland Director

Queensland Director

Vanessa Dart
P: 0428 261 502
E: vanessadart@bigpond.com
NSW Director

NSW Director

Peter Herborn
P: 0408 427 468
E: peter@lagunaolives.com.au
South Australian Director

South Australian Director

Kent Hallett
P: 0428 829 024
E: oops@aussiebroadband.com.au
Tasmanian Director

Tasmanian Director

Christine Mann
P: 0419 329 696
E: christine.mann@activ8.net.au