Sensory Analysis & Chemistry

Sterols in Australian Olive Oils: The effects of technological and biological factors $25.00
Plant sterols have been found to be effective in lowering elevated cholesterol and are now being added to a wide range of foods. Ironically, international standards for olive oil set a low limit fo…

Harvest-timing, Sensory Analysis and Shelf Life for Optimal Olive Oil Quality $25.00
Oil quantity and quality rely heavily on crop management, harvest timing, processing methodology and storage. In the initial stages of the development of this industry, there was little understand

A Survey of Australian Olive Cultivars to Determine Compliance with International Standards
Authors: Dr Rodney J. Mailer & Jamie Ayton
The report describes quality characteristics of Australian olive oil and compares the findings to standards used in international trade. The report shows the effects of olive cultivars, the influe

Quality Enhancement of Australian Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Authors: Paul Prenzler, Kevin Robards and Dan Bedgood
The quality of olive oil is largely determined by the minor components, especially volatile (aroma, flavour) and phenolic (flavour, antioxidant) compounds. We have devoted a large part of this stud

The Natural Chemistry of Australian Extra Virgin Olive Oil (English Version)
Author: Rod Mailer  
Australian Olive Oil is extracted by mechanical means. The oil is not blended unless stated on the label. The natural and diverse range of environments and growing conditions account for the …

Tasting and Classifying Virgin Olive Oil – An International Course for Panel Supervisors
Author: Peter E Olson
This report will outline the journey undertaken by Mr. Peter Olson to Italy in December 2005 to endeavour to become a better sensory panel supervisor. It involved a course of five days and nights e…