Pests & Diseases

Management of Black Scale & Apple Weevil in Olives $25.00
Author(s): Sonya Broughton, Stewart Learmonth
This Rural Industries R&D Corporation report provides olive growers with monitoring, and organic and conventional control methods for black scale and apple weevil. The information generated by this project also provides new methods to improve control of apple weevil…

Field Guide to Olive Pests, Diseases and Disorders in Australia $25.00
Authors: Robert Spooner-Hart, Len Tesoriero, Barbara Hall
Summarises information on most of the possible pests, diseases and disorders in the Australian olive industry. It is designed as a quick reference and guide to take into the grove and use to identi…

Sustainable Pest & Disease Management in Australia Olive Production
Author: Robert Spooner-Hart.
Although Australia appears to be free of many cosmopolitan olive pests, the rapid expansion of the olive industry in all mainland states has led to increased problems with pests and diseases not .…