Parafield Olives – Australian Certified Organic (ACO) #12787

Parafield Olives – Australian Certified Organic (ACO) #12787


(Margie Carter of Parafield Olives)

Parafield Olives

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Parafield olives started off by having 250 olive trees planted in 1935. The Olives having done so well and using my Horticultural/Farming background I started an Olive Tree Nursery to supply Australia’s new Olive industry in 1996. We planted 6 thousand trees in 2003. After a slow start due to drought but then with good rains in 2010 invigorating their growth we FINALLY got a small harvest of 5 tons in 2015. Then in 2016, we picked 40 tons! As with ALL fruit trees olives have an alternate bearing, but with new trees coming on we picked another 40 tons 2017.

The Parafield Grove has always been farmed using organic principles. We leave the Olives to ripen naturally on the trees. We start picking our Green Olives on 1st April every year. Our Olives are picked by hand & then put into a salt brine for 15 months.  Olives are bitter straight from the tree. This is a Phenolic known as ‘Oleauropein’ and has to be removed to be edible. Almost All Table Olives in the World and in your supermarket are put into a Caustic solution to rapidly remove this bitterness which only takes 5 days.

At Parafield we use the ‘Natural Method’ of Salt Brine which takes 15 months thereby keeping all of the Flavours & the Natural Health Benefits Olives have to Offer. Parafield is Proud to offer you good tasting Table Olives of several different varieties (spice of life) in a range of sizes to accommodate your individual needs.

Parafield Olives won GOLD, SILVER and BRONZE at the Sydney Royal Fine Food Show 2018

In what was noted by the judges as a year of “particularly high standards”, Parafield Olives have been awarded medals for each variety entered in the 2018 Sydney Royal Fine Food Show, which makes it three consecutive years. Securing two gold, two silver and two bronze medals and achieving highest scoring overall olive product in the show with the Leccino, which included olive oils,  flavoured oils and flavoured olives categories. This gaggle of awards confirms Parafield Olive’s faith in their organic farming practices and caustic free processing.

Parafield table olives are an organically produced probiotic food, low in carbs and a delicious source of antioxidants, vitamin E, iron and calcium.