Olive School: Olive Growing, Olive Processing & EVOO Sensory Evaluation Training and Information Sources

Olive School: Olive Growing, Olive Processing & EVOO Sensory Evaluation Training and Information Sources

From time to time we receive enquiries regarding formal training courses on olive growing (Oliveculture), as well as olive oil and table olive processing.

Whilst there are available options for formal (nationally accredited) training courses in general horticulture, and organic farming involving both on-line and face to face teaching and learning; unfortunately there are very limited formal training courses that specifically cover olive grove and processing practices available in Australia (see River Murray Training options below). However there is lots of useful self-learning instructional material available online from the AOA and on other websites, including:

Website: https://olivebiz.com.au/

Note: AOA Conference Presentations (2009 – 2017) can be accessed from the AOA Members Lounge at  https://australianolives.com.au

Website: https://australianolives.com.au/

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River Murray Training (RMT) Website

(password access): https://r-m-t.com.au/

Accredited on-line training materials prepared for for OliveCare®:
For access, contact Gill Ireland – 0409 280 387 – gillian.ireland@r-m-t.com.au

Module 1 – Introduction to the Code of Practice and Market Surveys

  • Outlines what the Code of Practice is, and why it is of benefit
  • Discusses the contents of the Australian Standard
  • Explains labelling requirements
  • Covers the purpose and extent of Market Surveys
  • Introduces various Trademarks held by the Association for use by members

Module 2 – Quality and Food Safety Plans is split into 3 parts:

  • 2a) explains Food Safety & HACCP
  • 2b) explains Quality systems and related procedures
  • 2c) describes the implementation of a Food safety/HACCP and Quality Plan

Module 3 – Managing Quality Along the Supply Chain

  • Provides an outline of major Quality Assurance processes associated with olive and olive oil production
  • Highlights areas of potential improvement in your business
  • Prepares your organization’s operations for participation in the AOA Olive Route project

Module 4 – The Export Program is split into 2 parts:

  • 4a) describes the process of building an engaging brand for a new market segment
  • 4b) outlines the processes to be followed for your product to be available on the Chinese market

Module 5 – Sensory Assessment of Extra Virgin Olive Oil is split into 2 parts:

  • 5a) discusses some additional detail regarding the impact of various production processes on oil quality
  • 5b) provides information on classifications of olive oil, the processes involved in assessing and judging oils, and the scoring criteria used

Module 6 – Sensory Assessment and Judging of Table Olives

  • Outlines the production methods and common styles for table olives
  • Explains the various laboratory and sensory test results relating to table olives
  • Describes the methods used in sensory assessment of table olives

University of California Sonoma County Website


There’s lots of information on olive production and processing including:

Website: https://olivecenter.ucdavis.edu/learn/growers

Best Practices for Growers

These Best Practices are based on California research conducted by UC Davis, UC Cooperative Extension (UCCE) and UC Agricultural and Natural Resources (ANR).

They were prepared by the UC Davis Olive Center and G. Steven Sibbett, UCCE Farm Advisor Emeritus, Dr. Louise Ferguson, ANR Extension Specialist and Dr. Elizabeth Fichtner, UCCE Farm Advisor. We recommend that growers also review comprehensive research information available through ANR, including the Olive Production Manual, Organic Olive Production Manual and UC IPM Online.

Siting an Olive Orchard

Establishing an Olive Orchard

Maintaining the Orchard

The Olive Tree

Vocational Education & Training

On-line Agriculture Courses:


These include:

Certificate III in Horticulture

National Code: AHC30716







Certificate IV in Organic Farming

National Code: AHC41616


Victorian Skills

National Code: AHC51816Diploma of Organic Farming


Victorian Skills

Olive Growing Manual (El Cultivo Del Olivo) RIRDC 2010:

The English edition of Olive Growing has been translated from the updated Fifth Edition of the Spanish Manua “El Cultivo Del Olivo” and is the definitive reference source for the Australian olive industry and an essential asset for olive producers and processors in other English speaking countries as well.

Olive Growing is a technical manual for growers, processors, technical experts, students and anyone with an interest in growing this ancient tree.

The scientific editors have designed this book as a collection of works, involving scientists and technical experts intricately linked to the crop, as well as experts in the subject matter of their assigned chapter. The aim was for these experts to present, in a simple and clear manner, all aspects pertaining to their subject, combining the breakthroughs of the last 25 years with practical suggestions and recommendations that will help readers successfully plant and grow an olive grove.

Preview and purchase a copy at: https://australianolives.com.au/olive-growing-manual/