Olive oil industry upset about supermarket discounting

Olive oil industry upset about supermarket discounting

Paul Miller, from the Australian Olive Association, says producers can’t compete with cheap imports and are being forced to sell below the cost of production.The olive oil industry is the latest to complain about heavy price discounting at the two major supermarkets Coles and Woolworths.

The comments come as the Senate Select Committee on food processing said it wanted suppliers to give evidence anonymously about Coles and Woolworths abusing their market power.

Mr Miller says it’s not just small producers who are struggling with lower prices.

“Yes, we do have large scale olive growers that are some of the most efficient in the world, and they are in trouble because the price is below cost,” he said.

“It’s below cost here and it’s being driven by an influx of lower grade product masquerading as the real thing.”
The ABC has sought comment from Coles and Woolworths.

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