Olive Growing – El Cultivo Del Olivo (Spanish manual)
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Cross Pollination in Olive Cultivars
Authors: Dr Jenny Guerin and Prof Margaret Sedgley
The aim of this study was to determine the pollen donors for fiveOLIVE major cultivars, using paternity analysis. Bloom time, pollen vitality, and weather conditions during the flowering period we…

National Olive Variety Assessment – Stage 2
Author: Susan Sweeney
A major challenge in the establishment of the olive industry has been the selection of varieties best suited to Australian conditions, for optimal yields and quality. There has been limited reliab…

From Planting to Harvest – A Study of Water Requirements of Olives, from planting to first commercial harvest
Author: James De Barro
This cost-effective research aimed to increase the understanding of young olive water use and water requirements in the period from planting to early fruit bearing. Quantification of the volumetric…

Olive Industry – an environmental management systems framework
Author: Nelson Quinn
There is a need to identify, analyse and elaborate the critical factors for continuing success of the Australian olive industry. Like other rural based industries, the impact on the environment is…

Wild Olive Selection for Quality Oil Production
Author: Professor Margaret Sedgley
While weed olive populations pose an environmental problem, they also offer a unique opportunity to the new fledgling olive industry. The weed populations are so well adapted that they compete suc…

Olive Water Use and Yield – monitoring the relationship
Authors: Ian Nuberg and Isa Yunusa
This publication presents a project that monitored the water use of trees across four mature groves in South Australia for two growing seasons. The aim of the project was to provide estimates of ev…

Olive Variety Assessment for Subtropical Summer Rainfall Regions
Author: Greg O’Sullivan
Olive trees have been cultivated in Australia on a small scale since the early 1800s but olives have never been a major contributor to the value of the primary industry of this country. Interest i…

Olive Oil: Yield, Quality and Cultivar Identification
Authors: Kevin Robards and Rod Mailer.
Olives were introduced to the Colony of New South Wales on 28th December 1800 by George Suttor, a London market gardener. Production never progressed beyond the cottage industry phase. Demand for o…

Wild Olive Selection for Quality Oil Production
Author: UA-41A
The olive (Olea europaea L.) is a small evergreen tree adapted to a Mediterranean climate. It yields two products, table olives and olive oil, both of which are important commodities on world mark…