Membership Benefits

By becoming a financial member of the Australian Olive Association (AOA) you will be doing your bit to financially support and empower the AOA to represent your interests and to help build a sustainable and profitable future for our industry.

As a member you are able to join the Australian Code of Practice (COP) which is governed by the Australian Standards for Olive Oil and Pomace Oil (AS 5264-2011)

Members receive a FREE copy of the Spanish Olive Growing Manual "EL CULTIVO DEL OLIVO". In 2010 the long awaited olive growing manual was published. The book is a technical manual for all those involved in the olive growing sector.

Being a financial member also means that you receive a discount on entry into a variety of events that are organised each year by the AOA and State Bodies.

Via a password, financial members will be given access to the members lounge on this website, which contains information on labelling requirements, board summaries, President's reports and technical information. Your membership entitles you to participate in AOA-organised events, such as conferences and oil shows, at significant discounts.


Our membership is financial year (FY) based. If you are joining in the middle or the end of the FY then please contact Leana on (08) 8573 6545 with your total ha's so we can work out a fair price for you to pay for the remaining time in the FY.

Why you should become or remain a member


To become a financial member please visit the Membership Forms page and download the appropriate form.