Olive Levy Funded R&D Projects

OL13002 Final Report Complete

OL14702 – AOCS-CCOA Joint Symposium on Functional Lipids

OL14006 – Generation of Residue Date for Pesticide Minor-Use Permit Applications in Olives 2014/15

OL13000 – Minor use permits for the olive industry – parent project

OL14003 – Essential Work to Facilitate Increased Exports to China, Removing Roadblocks and Enhancing Competitive Advantage

OL13007 – Australian Olive Industry Code of Practice Implementation

OL13700 – 2014, 2015 and 2016 National Olive Industry Conference and Trade Exhibition

OL13003 – Minor use permits for the olive industry

OL14005 – Cost of establishing the olive industry levy

OL14008 – Review and Development of Olive Industry Biosecurity Plan (IBP)

For more information visit the HAL olive Industry page: https://horticulture.com.au/grower-focus/olive/