Olives South Australia

Olives South Australia Inc (OSA) is the peak industry body representing olive growers in South Australia since 1996. OSA is a “participating state body” of the Australian Olive Association (AOA). In 2007 the National olive industry underwent a structural reorganisation which has seen all other states become branches of the national body (AOA). Whilst Olives SA acts like a branch and is bound to the AOA by way of a “memorandum of understanding”, we retain our constitution.

Our vision is to ensure that OSA leads a profitable, sustainable and united olive industry for South Australia.

The Board of Olives SA is made up of growers (majority); processors, harvesting contractors and other invited representatives from Primary Industries SA, Rural Solutions SA and the Adelaide University.

Visit our website http://www.olivessouthaustralia.org.au/

The object of Olives South Australia Inc is to:

  • Interact with the South Australian Government on behalf of the olive industry in South Australia.
  • Identify and recommend Research & Development projects to the Australian Olive Association (AOA) Research & Development Committee.
  • Support the aims and objectives of the AOA in South Australia.
  • Be involved in the development of policy that impacts on growers at a State and regional level.
  • Support quality systems and processes.
  • Communicate and disseminate information to the various regions via elected regional representatives, email and Association Newsletter “The Olive Tree Newsletter”.
  • Administer activities such as workshops, field days and seminars to educate growers and consumers.

OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH & SAFETY: Growers and Processors should be aware of their legal responsibilities regarding Occupational Health and Safety in relation to safe work practice and a safe work environment. It is strongly recommended that independent advice be obtained.