Who Can Join

Membership of the Australian Olive Association Inc is available to anyone with an interest in the Australian Olive industry. By paying your AOA membership fee you will become a member of the AOA and State Body.

Membership is for a financial year (1 July to 30 June)

To join the AOA please complete the membership application form appropriate for your State or contact the secretariat on secretariat@australianolives.com.au

Category A: GROWERS
This includes persons with trees, which may be owned or leased, or where the person has a right to take the product of designated trees, or persons who are in control of the operation of olive trees, including responsible entities or equivalent for management investment schemes or other pooled investment arrangements.

The first hectare includes the AOA fee plus your State Membership fee; all other hectares are $16.50 including GST. State fees are either held in trust for the State body to use or transferred to the State's bank account.

The State fees are there to be used for the advancement of the State. The activities funded by the State body are discussed and agreed to at State meetings. Where there is no active State body, the fees collected are held in trust until a State body has been reformed.

Persons who market or sell olive products with a brand owned or controlled by them; provides a service to the olive industry or is a consultant to the olive industry. Fees are based on annual turnover.

Please note that each company can only apply to become one type of member.
Eg. Category A OR Category B.

To download a membership form click here.