That package is not from Santa, it’s THE TASTEBOOK …

Some members of the Australian olive industry have received a mysterious package in their letterboxes.

The package was sent by AOA Head Judge Shane Cummins (see pic) and is, in fact, samples for PART 1 of THE TASTEBOOK.

Those who received the sample package will have also received an email from Peter McFarlane on 10/12/16 with all the information needed to take part in this great initiative – check your Inbox if you haven’t seen it yet! If you can’t find it, or have any further questions, send them to Shane at wizardofolives@hotmail.com or Peter McFarlane at peter@mc.com.au – or give Shane a call on 0421 910 474.

THE TASTEBOOK is a sensory training initiative in appreciating, describing, and improving EVOO and table olives and is a component of a broader AOA training program that will eventually include Masterclasses for EVOO and table olive judging, annual refresher courses and an expansion of the Young Judges Program, that aims to:

1. Up-skill and accredit an expanded pool of Australian EVOO and table olive judges within the AOA judges training framework.

2. Integrate into judges training the AOA online training modules which are linked to Units of Competency from the National Training Framework (NTF). These competencies can be bundled with other units to achieve a formal qualification such as FDF30111 Certificate III in Food Processing, or AHC40310 Certificate IV in Production Horticulture.

3. Improved industry awareness, knowledge, skills and capacity in sensory assessment of EVOO and table olives.

4. Increase exposure of the Australian Industry to International events and experts.

5. Enhance a culture of continuous improvement and excellence in the Australian olive industry.


In your mailing package you would have received 2 x 50ml Extra Virgin Olive Oil labelled A and B as well as 2 x Table Olive jars / sachets labelled C and D.

The email that was sent by Peter McFarlane on 10/12/16 provides instructions on what to do along with a 100 point scoring sheet for EVOO and a 30 point scoring sheet for Table Olives.

If you wish to participate in this programme all you need to do is answer as many of the questions as you can and send your results to:

Shane Cummins: wizardofolives@hotmail.com OR Peter McFarlane: peter@mc.com.au

Or Post to Peter at 33 Phillips St, Somerton Park SA 5044

Note: Participation is not compulsory but non-participants will NOT be included in the next round of tasting.

The results of this survey will be analysed and shared with participants in the New Year.