Research & Development

Click to view the AOA RD&E Plan 2010-2015. Applicants for RIRDC research funding should align their proposals with specific strategies for each of the objectives listed above in this plan.
Olive industry R&D is funded by the RD&E Levy. Funds for R&D are paid by growers to Levies Revenue Service via their processor. Our long term industry partner RIRDC (Rural Industries Research & Development Corporation) have the task of managing the R&D projects for the industry.

R&D funds are matched dollar for dollar by RIRDC whose investment in our R&D will assist us to build:
- A profitable industry through more efficient production methods
- A strong reputation as a supplier of quality products
- Expanded domestic and export market opportunities
- Sustainable use of land and water resources.

There has already been a lot of R&D in olives. Please visit the RIRDC website and search for “olives”. There you will find the following research papers in these categories.